Lately I found a lovely lace dress that surely goes well for this gathering season.
It makes you look lean and sexy when buttons opened.
Love the bronze trim and gorgeous embroidery, plus you can get 25% off for now
from the link below!!

dress: Nasty Gal(here)
necklace: En Inde
bracelet: Lulu Frost
ring: Chanel
clutch: bought in a random store in Italy
shoes: Valentino



Like cranky guys, winter is hard to deal with, even though
it's profoundly great and fun as getting along.
You can say just the same thing about fashion. As the weather gets cold,
you've got wear on and on. So layering is where senses are required.

Putting an (eco) fur gilet on a leather moto is one of the winter fashion tips
I discovered lately. Evading over-bulk and keeping you warm, this tip will
give the instant trick in a very unique way.

jacket: All Saints(similar here)
eco fur gilet: Stella McCartney(similar here)
denim pants: rag&bone
bag: Proenza Schouler
boots: zara(similar here)



For starting up winter, no doubt, we need long&lean coats.
And if you don't wanna look bulky (I also love oversized coat though), how'bout
getting a buttoned long dresseand let's restyle it as a coat.

Tips: wear it open, pair it with a mini skirt and over-the-knee boots

Show off the outfit underneath for color layers, mini skirts will balance the
look automatically. And over-the-knee boots add warmth and boldness to your winter look.

dress(worn as a coat): zara(here)
vest: bacca(similar here)
skirt: zara(similar here)
hat: no brand(similar here)
bag; Dior
boots: zara(similar here)



This shooting was something experimental.

I hate to be conservative, or to be ordinary.
However, from time to time I feel so much pressure that makes me
follow common senses or social conventions.
I don't mean to deny social rules, but just wanna be flexible at any times.
And when it comes to fashion, I dare to wear what I want.

top: lavish Alice(here)
skirt: Fumika Uchida(similar here)
pants: no brand
shearing scarf: Gushlow&Cole
earrings: Knobbly Studio(here)
booties: Proenza Schouler(similar here)



Winter's coming up day by day here in Tokyo, and I need to be wrapped
up in a cozy coat from this week. So the timing of finding this coat was just great.
Not too thick, not too thin, and the mixing of the pattern blocks makes it
as statementy as ''Puzzle'' bag.

coat: Pianurastudio(here)
 top: no brand
skirt: zara(similar here)
choker: asos(similar here)
bag: Loewe(here)
booties: Proenza Schouler(here)



Happy to get back to blogging from typhoon days that kept me away from

Hope you've been well and enjoying beautiful season.

Today I wanna proudly show this unique top with you. I was actually asked
''Where's it from'' hundreds times in a day!
Well I couldn't answer that question since I didn't remember accurate name,
but now I'm sharing and I did put the link below to share with my beautiful
readers!! Thank you so much for reading and your hearty support!!

knit top: Storets(here)
dress: Fendi
watch: Chanel
bag: Dior(here)
shoes: Valentino(similar here)



I'm an all time lover of tweed ever since I can remember.
Tweed is thought to be kinda heritage fabric though, it gets a high-fashion
makeover and has shaken off its dated and stuffy image to be reinvented
as the must-have fabric for fall.

For this tweedy look, I played in tweed&tweed with a vintage jacket and a pair of boots.
And added with lined accents in black for anchoring two different colors of tweed.

jacket: Chanel(super old)
top: Mila Owen(similar here)
shorts: 3.1 Phillip Lim(similar here)
belt: no brand
bag: zara(here)
earrings: iria_mine
boots: Chanel



Now the velvet has its moment. Not a sartorial staple but a super sportluxe,
I mean, for street look.
The soft texture and thickness bring you an autumn ode. So I opted for
burgundy, forest green, tangerine, the colors I call ''harvest hue.''

coat: zara(here)
top: opening ceremony(cropped/seen here)
skirt: zara(similar here)
bag: 711(here)
boots: Jessica Buurman(similar here)